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I might just cry.....from excitement (W5 R3)

For various reasons I couldn't get out to run this weekend (kids birthday party & sick hubby), but today I couldn't put it off any longer. The weather is fantastic - about 14 degrees and sunny (much better than the weekend was!). This meant that I had to get my sunglasses on, which worried me that they would irritate me.... Oh, and I couldn't fin my normal earphones, so I had to use some "over" ear, not "in" ear.... also worried me they would slip etc.

1 false start getting out of the house (locked up, front door key attached to double knotted shoe lace), need to pee again. Undo shoes, unlock house, do the business, redo everything. Ready?! Yup, let's go.

I made sure my walk was brisk enough to get my blood going, trying to avoid those lead legs we all know and hate. Started to jog at 5 mins and found a nice pace. As I ran a route I have done before I had a mix of... "oh I used to only get to here before it was time to turn around" and "ouch my shins", "you mad woman", "oooooo that hill in the blackforest is lovely", "oh look I can also see the Vosges from here too", "owww, ewhhh", "ahh the maize hasn't grown much", "huh!?, did she just say I've done 15 minutes already!?!?"....

Then the 20 minutes were up and I was disappointed because I had fuel in my legs still!!! (must be the weetabix I ate earlier). So I kept going until it was the end of the 5 mnutes walking time :D

So by my calculations and with the help of Google maps, I ran about 3.5km in 25 minutes and that is approx. 8.5km/h. Considering I couldn't have done this 5 weeks ago I am WELL chuffed and so excited I might just cry (runners high perhaps :) ).

If you are reading this and wondering if you can do this, you can, and let us all support you!

& If you are reading this as someone who is already on your journey from the couch to wherever it takes you; thank you ALL for your support and encouragement & good luck with your quest! It helps to have so many people who understand and who are egging each other on.

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Great blog! Well done you for such a great run, am impressed that you kept running until warm down was finished. I always enjoy the run but am a little too scared of laura to ignore her (!) and always stop when she tells me to!

Good luck for week 5!


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