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Week 2 Run 1 - Its all rubbish

Just had the most fantastic walk/run so far (still early days - but i'll take any win I can get), but felt annoyed and elated at space of 15 minutes (more later).

Woke up nice and early, downloaded week 2 podcast and ready to go. Felt somewhat disheartened by W1R3 so this time I'd thought i'd treat myself and do W2R1 around the local country park (1 lap about 1.8k). Jumped in the car, quick 10 minute drive and I was ready to go.

Planned to do 2 laps of the park, not that bothered if the final walk took 5 or 10 minutes, the sun was out, sky is blue and the scenery fantastic ............ until .........

For anyone who knows Redditch, the Jewel in it's crown is Arrow Valley Country Park, a fantastic park/lake that caters for everyone. Walkers/runners/fisherman/families/bikers the lot - it's free and fabulous.

On my first lap i was ashamed at the mess and litter everywhere (took away the pain of the runs) - not just a little bit of rubbish a lot. Please use the bins - it isn't that difficult. On my second lap (about 10 minutes later, still only 06:30) the rubbish had gone, the bins had been emtpied and cleaned and the park was looking FAB. So to all the council workers out there who do this day-in-day-out morning noon and night - this person says thankyou, you've made my day (and it's only 07:15)

Really enjoyed this walk/run - legs feel very leaden at the moment, but hopefully a small healthy breakfast will put that right.

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Lol your post title is very misleading ;-) I have just been round the rec in Stratford, and the bins are overflowing, there are abandoned throwaway bbqs everywhere, but I know that give it 30 mins it will all be cleared up. Aren't these people great :-) lovely morning, glad you enjoyed it too, and well done on today's run :-)


I'm pleased it wasn't the run that was rubbish :-) Well done on starting Week 2 and helping clean up the park. The people who keep our parks tidy are definitely unsung heroes - and working Bank Holiday too, fair play to them. It never ceases to amaze how much dog poo I find whilst running round the pavements and it makes me really angry. Congrats on today, hope you enjoyed your healthy breakfast, keep going! x


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