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The Red Shoes


Took my new red Saucony shoes out for their first run today. It was a stunning day, doubly so after yesterday's November-style cold and wind. I went out soon after seven and had the world pretty much to myself. I did Stamina again (did it Thursday too) but I had a bit of running power left in me so I kept running to 45 mins when I noticed my new shoes were starting to rub a bit, plus if I ran any further it would mean a killer walk home up the 'Hill of Death'. Still not very fast at 4.1 miles in 45 minutes but hey, I thought I was doing OK until a guy zoomed past me and left me feeling a bit deflated. I thought maybe I'd find him gasping for breath round the corner but I lost sight of him powering up the B(loody) G (reat) H (ill)* which I have actually run up twice but nowhere near THAT speed! There are so many hills round here! * the Hill of Death, BGH, and 'Mount Ararat', which is a challenge even to walk up briskly, plus various others!

Hey ho, it was a good run though, and I think the new red shoes enjoyed it. And TJ Flute, I am with you for the next 3 days as you finish your heroic 5 x100!

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:-D Had to laugh at your hill story, a few weeks ago I was steadily plodding up a hill trying not to expire when a chap sprinted past me with a cheery "Good morning!" as I gasped my reply. Got to love it!


well done...sounds like you were amazing...and I bet he was hiding in the bushes panting :)

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