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Me and my trainers on holiday

I recently returned from a gorgeous holiday in Cyprus. I took my trainers with me determined to keep my three runs per week schedule alive and well. I managed to complete WEEK 3 and start WEEK 4 and boy was it grrrrrreat! Running in the early evening when it was cooler, right beside the Mediterranean with a light breeze in glorious sunshine was AMAZING. I was freaked out by the 5 minute run portion on WEEK 4 but managed it absolutely fine.

On my return home yesterday, I completed the LAST of my WEEK 4 runs and for the very very first time, I had no pain or stiffness in my legs. I wasn't even out of breath much and still had a bit left in the tank at the very end of it all. This C25K thing is incredible, not only for feeling fitter and losing weight - but for the enormous feeling of WELL BEING!!

Thank you for reading. Week 5 next week.........YIKES!!!


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Sounds marvellous. I think that runnng in new places brings a new dimension and makes it much easier. And I guess running along the shores of the Med as yhe sun is setting would be quite magical.

I'm jealous!


Oh that does sound wonderful! Really glad it went so well for you.

Onward and upward. :D


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