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22 degrees - lovely and cool this morning!

22 degrees - lovely and cool this morning!

Did my usual unplanned trick of waking early on a Saturday, so got up and went for a run while it was still cool. Lovely and cool in fact. Sorry to all of you back in the UK bemoaning low temperatures, but it was in fact 22 degrees! It was probably the contrast to yesterday's ridiculous heat and humidity that made this feel so pleasant - and much nicer for running than the 26 degrees at 7pm was on Thursday. Wish I didn't have to be out of the house at 6.30 am for my drive to work - otherwise I'd be running in the morning every time.

For anyone feeling slightly envious of the temperatures over here, fear not, I'll be back in the UK and moaning about the lack of summer soon enough. I'm hoping the hills and heat are helping to toughen me up. I might just miss the views though...

Anyway, W4R2 done, this time next week I'll be psyching myself up for the "biggie" of W5R3. Can't believe it's coming round that quickly!

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i just don't do heat at all. I totally wilt and ache all over. I don't know how you manage to do it in those temperatures. WHEN I win the Lottery my first thing would be to get on an expedition ship in Antarctica and go diving to watch the penguins swimming under the ice. Bliss! Bet you enjoy cold showers when you get back from your runs. We need hot ones at the moment to thaw out! Good luck anyway!


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