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W4R1 almost, and turned into a proper grumpy old soul!

Today I won the 'battle with the [cosy] bed' and set off to do SF2/1. Well that was the plan! W4R1 tomorrow. Got to the end of the lane and realised I didn't have my glasses on. Returned home to get them and set off again.

My MP3 player is a cheap thing without a display bar and I've found the easiest way to use it is to only have the current 2 podcasts on it at a time and I can quickly select the correct one. Tried to switch to SF2. Would it do it? No way! Could only select W4

Predicament: do I do W4R1 a day early and without water (only did W3R3 yesterday) or waste the ENORMOUS effort of the 'battle with the bed' routine?

Decided to do W4R1.and set off in the sleet and blustery strong wind with trepidation. The ground was slippery underfoot because of the rain and there was a lot of debris from the trees too. Had to extend my route so was running on unknown territory but managed first 5 minute run fine. YAY! The second run brought me to a narrow track where I was being thwacked on one side by the windblown Hawthorn hedge (prickly) and my right side was so close to a double row of barbed wire which I had to avoid as I didn't want to rip my new lightweight kagool At one point a lamb (sheltering from the gale so I hadn't seen it) bleated with a strange,very loud, almost human sound which made me jump out of my skin! At this point the H&S elfins gave me permission to walk a bit!

I had to make numerous [S]pit stops (sorry if TMI) which slowed me down considerably and my next runs were more like slow drags - but I did keep 'running', albeit slowly until the end!

FYI what turned me into a grumpy old soul was the amount of excrement in the middle of the pathways. I thought the dog owners were supposed to clean up after their dogs but obviously not.

By now I am feeling very cold indeed but fair marched up the hill back home (composing a letter in my head to the local rag about the foul paths)

And now I am a grumpy old soul, cold, not too achy though and thoroughly out of my routine. Will do SF2/1 tomorrow and W4R2 on Sunday. If I can do the Sunday run well enough then I will count today as a run. If not I will count Sunday as R1. Thank you for listening and I hope your runs are more enjoyable!

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Well done! Especially after doing Week 3 only the day before. Good going. I work in Health and Safety and have done for about 16 years or so now and I promise you were arent all bad:) Plus i have 2 dogs and am always on poo patrol. Nasty when people dont clean up. Well done again.


Hey, absolutely NO problem ... All we have to do is create a 'grumpy ole gits' tab, then

we can all let rip as and when the occasion demands LOL! ;) (Boy, oh boy do I need an outlet like that from time to time!) :0

Great that you triumphed in the end though, physically and emotionally....maybe the weather will be better for your next outing ... hang on a mo?? Bank Holiday w/e ... No flippin' way :(

Keep enjoying, hang in there! Linda ;)


I don't mind weather too much. I really wilt in the heat so I am glad for cool winds. It was a tad too cool today though. But I am beginning to feel a sense of pleasure at last! And I am looking forward to next time - which is a new feeling - and it is GREAT! I now know I am making progress.


Now that is good! :)


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