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Knee I run tonight?

I am currently doing the couch to 5k programme and am on week 4. I also do a dance class once a week and I slipped on Tuesday evening and twisted my knee. I put ice on it and elevated it when I got home. I can walk on it fine but there is a slight bit of pain on the side of my knee, more so on stairs.

I am due to do anther run tonight and really want to keep it up. I have just been and bought a knee support. If I take it slowly and wear the support do you think I will be OK to go out tonight?

Really want to keep up the progression but also don't want to hurt myself. I don't have much experience with running or knee injuries so any advice appreciated.

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This is a tough one! I know you really want to stay with the program but you also don't want to risk further injury. My suggestion would be to take a few extra days off to give the knee some rest. Remember to ice, it will do wonders! I have a knee that gives me grief and most often I wear a support when I run. Just remember, if you have sharp pain, stop running! You don't want to really damage the knee to the point you can't run. Sending healing thoughts! Gayle


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