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Reached the end of Week 7. Tadaah!

Well after all that huffing and puffing I mananged W7R3... With a bullet!

I went out this morning and ran and ran, it was amazing.

My mojo is definitely back.

Which is just as well as I am booked to do the Manchester 10k on Sunday. (It seemed like a good idea when I put my name down in October).

The upside is I have improved my staying power immensely since discovering this programme and aim to finish in less than 1hr 20. Of course I know I'll have to do some walking but hey I'd never done anything ( not even a brisk walk) up until about this time last year.

I intend to do wk8 at the beginning of the run then walk/run for the rest of the course. Not sure if this is the best option but I'll give it a go.

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Great stuff, runningmam! I've got a feeling you'll manage 10k nae bother! Best wishes. :)


Thanks oona not sure about the nae bother bit though :-0


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