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I am back again!


I graduated in December and did my first 5k charity run in March. But boy do I hare running in the cold, so that combined with the arrival of a puppy was enough to break my running routine.

Over the last few weeks I have noticed my mood slumping. I wouldn't say depression but generally feeling a bit bored and gloomy. I also noticed PMT returned which had been much improved since running regularly.

So today, rather nervously, I donned my running gear and began again at week 1. So I've just had my post run banana and am looking forward to picking up my old running routine, I think I've rather missed it. I now know that running does for me definitely improve my physical and mental wellbeing. So for all of you on the same journey good luck and keep at it there are so many benefits.

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Welcome back, Secretrunner! I'm sure you'll whizz through the programme and probably won't have to do every run? It's amazing how much better exercising makes us feel, as well as the benefits of getting out into the fresh air. Good luck with your running although I'm not sure the weather is a whole lot warmer than some winter days. Today my Garmin said 10oC, feels like 7! :)

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