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W5 this for real!

I have finally taken the big jump into blog land...after far too many months of popping in and out to seek inspiration and motivation from all you lovely people...I have decided to join the fun!

I began this programme back in November last year as part of my goal to be fit, fab and fifty next year (very early start required!!). Various highs and lows have followed since then ...the first two months spent repeating weeks 1 and 2 resulted in a 10 pound weight loss (hurrah) but made me realise how utterly unfit I was - and how much I needed to continue this plan. I loitered on week 3 for a month (yes, really) as various niggling injuries held me back. Those injuries, together with lower leg muscle pain every time I ran made me think I needed to strengthen up those weaker muscles. I started doing pilates on the rest days and this has made a huge difference - last week for the first time ever I have been able to progress onto the next week after one attempt.

Completing the second run of week 5 was amazing...I still cannot believe I did it...and even feel ready for run 3 on Friday! Yes, a way to go yet and no doubt there will be a few slip ups along the way but...I will not be giving up!!

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Great attitude! You will go far. :)

All the best for Friday - slow and steady is the trick. :)


hurrah! well done. I'm telling you, once you've done Friday's run, you will feel even more utterly fabulous than you do today :)


Mrshiccup I'm sure thats the last of the hiccups you sound very positive and why not you are getting wonderful results already what with weight loss and feeling fitter. By the way I highly recommend pilates I've been doing it on and off for 15 years, its hard to get good instructors though, they keep moving on. Well done and let us know how the remaining weeks go :)


Many thanks! Slow and steady is absolutely key...I have discovered today how slow I can go without actually stopping :) How wonderful it will be to feel like this..again...and more so!!


Oldgirl, I have done pilates on and off for a while - more off than on in the past few years! I have been using Darcy Bussels dvd as I dont have time to commit to regular classes - or the ££'s!


Great blog, mrshiccup! You certainly have a strong mental attitude and I'm sure you'll succeed. Best wishes. :)


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