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W7R2 in the bag...just

I'm beginning to see a pattern here. I go out all full of thunder and good stuff, then after five or six minutes I'm puffing and blowing like a puffy blowy thing!

Anyway, yesterday I went out for my 2nd wk 7 run. I even dropped a sponsor form into my local pub in my running gear ( you have to see me to know how megga brave that was!)

I felt really good and started off well. Thought I'd got a rythm, then suddenly...I hadn't!

I blew up after 20 minutes.

So I walked for the rest of the podcast then ran home.

Today I went out with my thunder back and managed the full 25 mins. Hurray!

Now the challenge will be to break this cycle and manage to complete run three the first time I try it :-)

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Congratulations for acing the 25 minutes! :-) I love the profile pic too! ;-) Gayle


Thanx. The pics not me. I'm more of a pipe woman!


Hadn't looked closely at the pic before - love it! Well done with the 25 minutes - and going into a pub in running kit - that is seriously brave behaviour! Rather you than me.

Now, note my pic and the logo - slow and steady - chant it as you puff on the pipe "slow and steady, slow and steady". Then you'll ace them all. :D


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