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Finally feel I earned my green badge :)

After graduating 4 weeks ago by completing week 9 I've been working on hitting the magic 5k. I discovered I can run at a good pace but I still wasn't managing more than 3.5k. Almost made it last Sunday but an unexpected steep incline on a new route meant I had to break and walk a while. This morning, a dull warm muggy day after torrential rain yesterday I went out with determination. I cracked it. 3.29 mile - 5.3k. I hit the 5k at 47 minutes which feels slow but I was aiming to complete. Park runs in the autumn as planned feels achievable. I'm well pleased

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Congratulations! :) :) :)

If you wanted to, you could do a parkrun sooner than the autumn - my first parkrun time was very similar to that (I was last, but not by a huge amount, and often at my nearest parkrun there are people slower than that, though different runs do vary). Though it does feel safer somehow to have done the distance a few times before braving the public experience!


Well done, deejay, a great achievement! More power to your legs! Why not have a look at the c25k+ podcasts? There are three different podcasts to build stamina and speed. :)


Fantastic, well done you, I bet you feel amazing, I hope you've celebrated :)


Thank you greenlegs, I think I'm going to go along an look at my nearest Parkrun next week. I have registered and maybe I'll volunteer first. It looks a very serious group though and I don't feel confident at this stage. I'm afraid I suffer with the heat at the moment (it's an age thing) so summer running is going to be early before the sun gets up or evening.

Thank you Oona, I've been using stepping stones but turned it off today as I wanted distance over time. I might give stamina a go but I'm not yet built for speed ha ha

I shared a slice of lemon cake and a latte with my fella this afternoon Juicyju when we went for a stroll that turned into a 4 mile walk.

Feeling it a bit at the minute = think I'll be stiff tomorrow


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