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Week 6 day 2 busy busy busy!

It was sunny today, and there seemed to be a football tournement going on at the common, plus a charity walk, and with the sunshine lots of people running , walking and flying toy helicopters (the "quiet" field we go around is a designated toy plane area in the middle). We met lots of cute doggies and even exchanged a hello with some people. I was knackered though. Partly the run and , I think, partly the enforced longer break - only 3 days off but I felt it! Still we made it and am I right in thinking that's it for intervals now?

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Hey, what a great load of things happening for you today, so glad you made it through your W6R2 run successfully! ;) Yes, all the bits n pieces running/walking is now over for you ... Just nice comfy warm-up walking and into decent runs. I hope you'll enjoy them, I know I actually/eventually preferred running without the walking breaks ... It meant I could find my pace and settle to enjoy things around me. (And, believe me, as an asthmatic, I had clung to the walking stages in the early days just to catch my breath!)

So, lots of luck with the last few runs, hope you'll love them too. I look forward to seeing you graduate very soon! Take care, cheers Linda ;)


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