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After injury, how do i get back into running?

Hi all, well, it feels like a long time since i posted on here!

I sprained my ankle back in November on week 6 run 3. It has taken a long time, but i began to feel able to test it our running a couple of weeks ago and went for a test run this morning.

I decided not to use the c25k plan just to see how it felt to run again and see what i could do.

Although i am sure i could have done better had a had c25k on my mp3 (cus i let myself stop when i wanted to!) i am pleased with how it went.

Basically, i went out for just 20 mins. I warmed up with around a 3 or 4 min walk and then ran for .63 of a km before stopping for around 1 min, ran again for .16, walked for .29 and then ran for a final .21. In total, i ran exactly 1km.

I made myself run where i injured my ankle to get over the fear of it which im glad i did and was interested to find that i didnt get shin splints or a pain in my hip which i used to. I wonder if this could be because i am a stone lighter than last time i ran or if its because i just didnt run very far?

Anyway, as much as i enjoyed listening to my own music today, i want to start on the program again properly. The question is, what week???

Can anyone advise me?

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Sounds to me that you have done the right thing by a gentle run first. Why not go back to week 4 and see how one run of it goes, if all OK, move onto week 5. Listen to your body especially your old injury area and take it steady. Its not a race so play safe and good luck. Well done on your weight loss too, that will help with your fitness recovery.


Thanks for that. Right, week 4 it is!


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