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W1R2 An enforced break, but back now!

I hurt my knee after W1R1 which meant I had to rest for 3 days, but I'm back now!! Did a W1R2 pus 2 extra runs, then a session today with my wife whilst our son rowed.

Last nights first run was difficult as it was uphill and into headwind on Dartmoor, but the 2nd, 3rd and so on were great.

Today's runs were wonderful; alongside the river Dart in Totnes in glorious sunshine ~ does it get any better for a newbie?

I have a horrible feeling that I'm getting bitten by the running bug!!

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Sounds to me as if you've found runners' heaven, and BTW, you DO sound completely hooked! LOL :D Take care of your knees and take extra rest days if it helps. No doubt you'll be told this by everyone else, but keep things slow and gentle and you'll stay just fine - your running locations are idyllic, so enjoy them on your progress through the programme. Take care, and good luck, Linda ;)


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