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Unexpected strength exercises at Parkrun

I thought it would be a nice idea to volunteer again at the Parkrun today and was quite happy when I was given the 2k marshall role. It meant I could get a bit of a walk in to add to the 5x50 total which would be a good start for a "rest" day. Had a brisk walk out to my allotted station, which is actually at the turning point on the course where you direct people round the loop. Great to see the wave of runners coming towards me. We had 346 today and as a marshall you become aware of the bell curve distribution - a few at the front, then some groups, then the thunder of the main pack, then it thins out to the tail.

I'd been told that I had to bring back the markers from this part of the course and as it's a loop there are 3 direction arrows and the 2 and 3k markers, all on long metal poles. They turned out to be surprisingly heavy to carry for 2k back to the start!

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Did you count it as strength and flex for 30 minutes - that counts another 5k! :D


Well done on volunteering Wilma, I always like doing a duty at our Parkrun, our strength challenge comes into play when its windy, just keeping upright can be hard work some days down at our beach ;)


great that you did that and 346 people, that is a lot to be responsible for. I have not done the volunteering yet and look forward to giving it a go.


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