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To all the York residents awake at 7am, I apologise for the rocky impression! It was just too tempting! Week 3 complete at last after 2 weeks of trying so I think I might just be forgiven. Maybe? I am loving this programme and look back to see how far I have come. The support on here has really helped, especially reading all the success stories. Well done to everyone, we are all awesome!!!!!

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Hahaha - I'd love to have seen that - big congratulations. I'm just trying to work up some enthusiasm for my W2R1 later today so a week 3 "mini-graduation" seems an impossible dream - really well done! Reading everyones sucesses and encouragement here really does help, you feel like you're not alone but have a whole team of supporters cheering you on :)


Glad I did mine early, it is tipping it down. Have a great run :)


Brilliant .....though your excitement wasn't heard in Surrey - louder next time, eh? :D

Glad you are hooked by the programme, yep, it's amazing ... You're really going to enjoy the coming weeks: longer running, more wind in your hair, sun on your face and spring in your steps. Keep on doing what you are doing so well. Good luck and best wishes, Linda ;) x



Just like me... down by the Ouse but singing about being a skater girl and in the rain, I managed to regain my composure again to run sensibly back down Bootham!!


Must be the endorphins :)


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