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Finally out after a break!!


So... I finally got round to doing another run today:):):)

My last run was weds 8th May so 8 days without any running is a very poor showing but from thursday to sunday of last week I had a bad chesty cough and then on tuesday night of this week I was ill.

So tonight's run was very tough and I slightly messed up and left the park thinking my session was up and then got told I still had 1 run interval to go- stupid me- in the end i managed 2.95 miles (4.75km) in 37minutes-very slightly less than previously in the same time

I will call that a repeat of week 2 run 1 and hope to keep the runs going from now on-here's to perseverance!!!

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I'm about 4 weeks behind I think, I will get there in the end though and so will you! It's important to give your body time to recover properly from illness or injury so you've done very well really. Give yourself a pat on the back because you've just completed a practice run which has added even more to your fitness level, so well done.


Absolutely, perseverance is the key - keep on keeping on! The scheme will eventually get you there but you made a sensible decision to rest during a chest infection and illness. I suspect our limbs remember the routine better than our heads imagine! - you have done amazingly well for your first return outing! :) you may not need to go backwards in the programme at all - see how things go next time out, you may surprise yourself. Lots of luck in regaining your complete fitness and continuing the plan. Cheers, Linda ;)

I know how you feel, I have not ran since the 7th May as twisted my ankle whilst doing the walking part, then came down with a stinking cold, plan to start again this week. Do I go back to week two or continue on week 3 ? Going to try tomorrow!

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