Wow, look at pastyman's 5x50 stats!

Just had a look at pastyman's 5x50 details, as I remembered he'd said he was thinking of trying to do 10k a day for the last week.

Impressive or what? :)

Keep going everyone! :)

I had a lovely bike ride in sunshine this afternoon - scents of apple blossom, cut grass and then a walk in a bluebell wood. Really lovely - and I wouldn't have done any of it without 5x50. :)


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17 Replies

  • Really amazing! He posted on my blog he planned to finish the challenge with some 10K's!!! :-) Very well done to Rob and all of our team!!! We will be running tonight then probably walking the days until Sunday when we are doing an organized 5K for a local child with cancer. I can't believe the energy/fitness some of our teammates seem to have!!!!! :-) Gayle

  • Thanks Gayle :-)

  • I know!! I've been following Rob's progress too, and it's been an amazing journey. What Rob now calls a 'slow jog' is my flat out racing speed! It's a remarkable story, and totally insprirational. What a guy!! Well done Rob, you are awesome!

  • Not awesome TJ ..... just one guy .... with a pasty :-)

  • I agree, 5k or more EVERY single day of the challenge. You're a superstar. Just wondering how much you've raised?

  • So pleased to do it Khrissy ... I've never done a fund raiser like it so I feel quite humbled really :-)

  • Rob will get us to 20,000k on his own!!! Very impressive.

    Everyone is doing so well and pushing themselves to surpass what they thought was ever possible so everyone deserves a big pat on the back in my book!

    Sue :)

  • Lol .... The 10ks are HARD!!!! I'm in awe if the stamina others have shown :-)

  • I am extremely impressed. Not taking part I can only admire all your dedication. Good luck and keep running. James

  • Thanks James. It would have been very hard to do without the fund raising motivation and the team support too. Much appreciated :-)

  • Thanks folks.

    I've raised just over £1,750 :-) that's been a huge incentive to keep going! Another incentive though has been being part of the team so thanks for that too :-)

    The 10ks have been a real challenge though. I'd done 2 earlier in the 50 days ... one where I had stopped after the first 5k and had recorded my stats while on my cool down walk and just decided to try starting up again. I'd read malcy's blog about doing that at a Park Run. I was really pleased to be able to do that and join the 10k club. The second 10k was just straight through. Before 5x50 I'd thought about trying to move up but had only done a couple of runs beyond 30 mins. I surprised myself going from 5 to 10 in one leap but it just shows you how much of a difference it makes exercising every day.

    TJ I've been amazed at the difference in run speed too. Since graduating I'd got to a point of regularly within 30 mins but, with a bit of weight loss as part of my new year's resolution, I suddenly found an extra 2 mins at the start if 5x50! It was like it just came for free! It wasn't any greater effort but my times had really improved. I enjoyed the Speed podcast and could use it to sprint at 12kph and recover at 9.5 kph. Running every day I started "experimenting" finishing on a fast km and recovering on my cool down walk. Other days I'd start at 10kph and go up in increments for each km completed .... suddenly (and it was quite sudden) I could go further at top speed or push the top speed just a little more. I had thought that 25 mins would be a bridge too far but now 12kph was an OK speed to maintain I could beat that with a sprint at the end or run at 12.1 or .2 and have seconds in my pocket for the final km.

    Going under 25 mins made me wonder if there was any more in the tank. I had a golden week where I set personal bests for 5 days out of 7 .... not just 1 or 2 seconds but big chunks! From 24:30 to 22:55 in a week! I was leaping out if bed really not knowing where the next run would take me :-) 12kph (my original sprint pace) was now my starting pace or recovery pace!

    For the 10ks this week the first one went great but day 2 was so hard! Partly the monkey on the shoulder but I think too I didn't have the stamina to do consecutive 10ks comfortably. I'm OK with that and doing the 2 x 5ks feels much better. The second really does feel almost leisurely though TJ going between 10 and 12 for alternate kms :-)

    Anyway, too much information and a little self indulgent but Phil wrote in one post that we rarely ever blow our own trumpet but sometimes you just want to go Woo Hoo! I can't believe I've done that!

    Ive had my banana (couldn't find my lidl chocolate covered coffee beans rocket fuel in my last visit) and ready to fire up the treadmill again :-)

  • Fantastic Rob! A great amount of money for a brilliant cause and its good to hear how you have found it during the challenge and the move up to 10k. I think two 5ks instead of a week of solid 10k running is a very sensible move and if I had the time in the mornings I would have liked to have tried that too but alas its not to be....

    I am aiming for two 10ks over this weekend, between Fri and Sun, and want to make the final run the furthest so far....fingers crossed! Its good to go out on a high and then celebrate in style!! The champers is in the fridge chillin right now! :)


  • Not self-indulgent at all - really fascinating, and something to maybe spur on someone else. The idea of a second 5k being 'almost leisurely' is hilarious! :D

    Now, where's that sponsorship page...

    - in case anyone else wants to cheer you on! :)

  • Really well done ! I like the idea of two shorter runs a day instead of one longer run.

    I did 4 1/2 miles on the treadmill on Tuesday morning followed by 4 1/2 miles in the rain with running club in the evening. and it was a lot more manageable than running 9 miles in one hit ! Not that I'm anything like as quick as you, Rob !

  • 9 miles though! Terrific stamina .... you'd definitely catch me over that distance! You'd overtake me passed out at the 6.2 mile marker :-)

  • Wow those are some impressive stats - well done Rob! In fact well done all of you, really imressed at everyones stamina. :-)

  • Well done, Pastyman. Brilliant to see you've easily managed the challenge you set yourself and surpassed it with flying colours. I'm fascinated to read you've seen such a great improvement in your pace through this approach.

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