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C25k and back to the couch Sad Dellacat :(

Feeling gutted. After my graduation and Parkrun on Saturday it all seems to have collapsed round my ears! Loved the Parkrun (and look I have my graduate badge!) but the calf injury I picked up in the process looks like it has set me right back. Saw a sports therapist today for ultrasound, massage and advice. Been advised not to try to run for a week, then to try walking and brisk walking intervals before moving on to gentle walking and light jogging intervals. Sounds to me like I need a week on the couch before I start again with something less strenuous than week 1. Darn it - I was right into this! Trying to stay positive because let's face it this, this is very minor in the greater scheme of things.....but after 9 weeks of hard graft it feels really weird not to be pulling my trainers on tonight. Lots of sympathy in the office today and everyone was very impressed when I explained the reason I was sporting the sexy tubigrip was due to a sports injury! Boo hoo - I want to run NOW!

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Aw, I hope your leg gets better soon!

I hurt my calf doing my first run of 5x50; I can't afford any physio etc so took advice from what I'd read in the blogs here and riced it, rested it and took it slowly when I went back to running after about 8 days or so (lots of cycling and walking had to do for the first week of 5x50!) I did find it really frustrating not being able to run; which proved how much my lifestyle has changed since I started in October!

Take care of your leg, it will soon be better and you'll be out there showing everyone your new pb at Parkrun! :-)


Same experience here except with a calf then a quad had to take three months off BUT I'm back take heart it will mend but I had one invaluable tip wear a compression sock or tights I wouldn't run without them and since my return I've had no problems touch wood now rest and ice the injury then get back slowly x


heed the advice above, rest it properly. It will pay off, and if you really rest it well and just walk/swim week 2, you could be back to normal running in a few weeks. Good news is that your cardio fitness will only tail off a tiny bit in a few weeks and comes back fast, much faster than when you originally built it with the programme, so don't let yourself become too glum about it all. Muscle memory will do the rest.

Chin up, go and research all the lovely running programmes and catch up on all the blogs while you are confined to rest (but avoid online retail stores, it cost me a fortune when I had enforced rest!!!)

Good luck with the recovery xx


Thanks so much for the support ladies. The 30 quid on the sports physio I think has been invaluable as feels better today. That said I know I must not push this too far or too fast and kep the faith that I will be back to it soon.


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