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Back with a vengeance!

I've been really sporadic with c25k lately, I haven't been out since last Saturday and only managed to get myself out today. Last Saturday I had just run week 8 run 2 but today I thought, 'What the hey, lets try week 9'.

Because I've been so inconsistent with my runs recently I haven't been able to graduate where I planned I would, so I went out and put on the week 9 podcast.

It was great! The time did drag on a bit but there wasn't a point where I felt I needed to stop. My legs felt fine, like they were on auto pilot and my breathing was good as well.

I ran for a full 30 minutes! 30 minutes! If I had told my 10 week past self that I would have stuck to a running program this long I would have laughed in my face. But I did it! Not only that but I'm noticing a real difference in fitness levels and muscle definition. I can recover from runs really quickly now and my calves! I finally have muscles there!

Its just amazing what this program can do and for anyone who's still early on and are still second guessing yourself, then don't! Your own worst enemy is yourself, don't doubt what the human body is capable of!

Looking forward to graduating (graduating?!) and life after c25k!!

Happy running everyone!!

Stats - 4.2km in 30 mins.

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Congratulations for getting back out there, not long now :-)


Bloomin' brilliant. Inspiring stuff. I'm on W3 and so far so good, although running a continuous 30 mins seems a light year away!


Believe me, it did for me as well! As long as you believe it will work (which it will) you will 100% graduate. Keep going! :)

Rachel x


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