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Well and truly back and loving it

I started C25K last September and got all the way through to Week 6 Run 3 before disaster struck. I managed to injure my neck on that final run and it took a few weeks before just walking didn't hurt, let alone running. By the time I was starting to feel like I could start running again we were well and truly in to summer and it was just far too hot even first thing in the morning.

I missed running. I missed that quiet time to myself. Yet the months ticked by and I couldn't muster the motivation to get back out there and run.

Then around the end of February a very dear friend (who had countless health problems last year) indicated that she really needed to start some form of exercise, but no matter how much she talked about starting at a gym she never seemed to get around to it. One day, while getting a pedicure, I offered to go walking with her 3 times a week at a local park. Never mind gym memberships and all that palaver, let's just get out in the fresh air and exercise for free!

After a couple of weeks of walking I was itching to start running again. I casually mentioned C25K to my friend while we were on our walks. I had extolled the virtues of the program so many times last year that she had a fair idea what it entailed and that it was designed to be doable by anyone. Sure enough, the next week she says that she'd like to *maybe* start running. Obviously to my ears *maybe* means let's start tomorrow ;)

Well that was 7 weeks ago! I got past my nemesis of Week 6 Run 3 with no injury (although I am always conscious of any tightening in my neck while I run and make sure that I keep those muscles relaxed) and this morning we finished Week 7!

I can't believe that we've only got another 2 weeks of running to go! Sunday 26th May is the HBF Run for a Reason 4km fun run and it will also be our graduation day.

I enjoyed C25K the first time around (until injury of course), but I think I'm enjoying it even more this time. Not only is my fitness massively better this time around - I didn't swear at Laura once during Week1 this time - but I am actually enjoying having a running buddy.

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