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Lapped by a toddler W6r3

Briefly debated whether to wimp out and repeat run 2, decided to go for it and do run 3.

Steady pace, couple of dog walkers, THEN I met my nemesis, the smiling toddler from hell, pushing her brick trolley round the park, the challenge was on.

I plodded on, ignoring my screaming hamstrings, counting in my head to the music and then, horror of horrors she smiled and laughed as I staggered past again, and again, wondering how many times the sweaty lady was going to say "bye bye" before she finally did.

Then I spotted what she was up to, her mother was taking shortcuts across the park !!!!

The cheat!!

Anyway, you have to smile at them don't you, I didn't want to scare her by letting my true feelings of agony out. It's the local 5/10k race here tomorrow, I'll watch this year, next year I'll sign up for it.

Onwards and upwards, oh my aching legs though :)

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:D I did a short bit of running at school playtime yesterday - small children were able to run faster than me. Hey ho!


Faster metabolism=faster legs?????? :) :)


I remember going out once and seeing an elderly gentleman about 200m ahead of me walking his dog. I thought I'd be able to catch him but no, he seemed to get further away. Oh, the shame......I have since passed him on a few occasions and I have a little smile to myself every time and silently thank Laura :-) x


I was beaten by my great niece around the running track about a week ago, She was there with her school.

My excuse I was on my 16th lap round when she beat me. Mind you she was the fastest in her class.


:-) One of our first organized 5K's had me chugging along as I heard a woman's voice shout: Run! You can beat her! Just a short distance from the finish line I had a little kid of 7-8 years, dodge and zip right past me. ;-) The joys of running! Gayle


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