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week 9 done and dusted!

Can't really believe I have done it, but I have! Completed week 9 - and that over a week ago now. Today's run was totally amazing, even being able to speed up at the end!

Over the past 10 weeks I've gone through achilles pains (loads, especially at the beginning), foot pains (around week 3/4), knee pains (week 8), pains in places I did not know could hurt. I never knew about that tendon? at the back of the knee which at the end of a run would seize up, making me unable to straighten my leg.! I've learnt so much about my mind and how I always want to do it NOW - and realised you just can't do that with running - I've learnt that the painful way when trying to go too fast too soon.

But now I can say I'm a Graduate (of running this if nothing else)! Not sure if I run 5K though - but running through the park for 30 minutes at 5.30am is so incredible, I don't care how long it is.

A year ago I told myself I would get fit before it was too late (50 last year...), think now I'm able to say I've made a start - it's never too late! :)

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Congratulations on your graduation - a fantastic achievement! Now go get that badge - and happy running :)


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