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Happy days @5x50

Ventured out on Thursday in the very blustery wind to do my run for 5x50; kept putting it off until at 3pm I had to go as time was runnning out before getting ready for nightshift.

Headed into the park having decided on Speed; ha! there was not much speed going on, (as was obvious from my little graph on Runkeeper) but managed to do it all even if it felt like I was being brought to a standstill at times! Only saw one other runner, not so much as a glimmer of a smile as we passed each other :-(

Today (Friday) I woke at 2.45pm, had my banana, then onto the bike for 5x50's effort; it was still a bit blustery and hayfever was in full swing, even with my glasses on I had tears streaming down my face. Did my usual bike route; the first time using Runkeeper though. Got halfway along the country lane part, freewheeled down the hill in the middle, then a car came so close behind me (I hadn't realised it was there even though I had no earphones on) I had to swing left, into a huge pothole which bounced my water bottle out of the holder! Was grateful I didn't fall off, stopped to get my bottle, it was in the hugest muddy puddle! Set off again up the next part of the hill, cursing the car as I had lost all my usual momentum due to the stop, puffing like a steam train, then about 15 metres before the top another cyclist came past me, he looked back, gave a lovely smile and said 'keep going'. That boosted me enough to pick up a bit of speed, shouting 'thanks' to his disappearing back! Made it up to the top of the hill; then really enjoyed the long glide down towards home. :-)

Runkeeper gave me the usual praise afterwards (longest cycle, highest hill etc) I will miss getting that once it is used to my usual runs/rides! :-)

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Sounds like a fun ride Poppy despite the mishap with the bottle! :O At least you got encouragement from the cyclist and runkeeper! Sometimes I think fellow runners are so serious and in the zone that they ignore everyone around them, not like us happy runners from here! :)

Have a good weekend!

Sue x


Lovely! It can make such a big difference when someone is friendly! A motorcyclist nodded at me as he went past the other day - well, I think he did, anyway I took it as friendly encouragement and it was a good feeling!

So glad you didn't fall off in the pothole though!


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