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Week 3 completed, but a real struggle!

So I'm still settling into a pattern and trying to find the best times during the week to hit the dreadmill at the gym. So far I've been starting my week on a Saturday, getting another session in on Monday and then doing the third around Thursday. The theory being, the first run of a week is the hardest so Saturday is a good day to do it, I'm not thinking about work or the million things I have to do. Monday for run two seems to be OK, after a long swim on Sunday I'm still in the zone from the weekend, and for various reasons I have been off work the last few Mondays so it's been nice to go in the day. Then I give myself an extra rest day so that I'm up for it on Thursday, blast the last session of the week and feel totally motivated to start again on Saturday! Simples!

Except last night I just couldn't get in the zone, I was working the gym in between finishing work and going to fat club, so my focus was on what I was doing next, not what I was doing now. I really struggled with the last 3 minute run and was begging Laura to hurry on up and tell me to slow down. I am heavy-legged this morning and I just don't feel confident about starting week 4 tomorrow :(

Maybe I need to get there in the morning rather than try to fit it in after work, I've always been a morning person. (I have a theory that if you were born in the morning that's your better time of the day - doesn't follow for everyone but you'd be surprised how often it's true!) I was hoping I'd have settled into a bit of a rhythm by now and although I know that I'm getting fitter I don't feel that it's getting easier. Which is probably the point - if it's easy then you're not stretching yourself, right?

Hmmm… Anyway, I can hear all you lovely people saying "trust in the programme" so I am going to crack on and try again tomorrow. Maybe I will drop the speed a little just to be sure I can get through it and not get demotivated. I did last night at 6.0 and 7.6 kph respectively, and 1.5 incline. I want to keep the incline to make the transition to outdoors easier (eventually). Anyhoo, that's my musings done, hope everyone else is doing better than me!

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