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Can't run again :(


I can't believe that Im saying this but I feel so miserable that I can't go for a run today! Last run was monday so planned to go yesterday or today but feel rotten with a chesty cold so think its a bit daft to try. Im due to do w5r2 and as I'm skilled at giving up exercise programmes when the going gets tough I didnt want to have a break from the programme.

Oh well fingers crossed for tomorrow that this bug has flown and I can get out again.

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Hey you! Your body is telling you to give it a break - listen to it. You must not beat yourself up for not going out with a chest cold. You will get out again once your body has got over the illness - if you really want to. It would be a shame to give up after getting so far into the programme. Be kind to yourself and it will all seem a lot better in a day or two. Take it gently and maybe just get out there for a walk instead. Keep your pecker up and don't feel so mis. Good luck!


Beek is right. I stopped after a bad Week 2 to allow an injury to clear up. Re-started week 2 this week, and I am right back into but better than last time. A rest won't do you any harm.

Keep at it :-)


I had a bad chesty cold a few weeks ago. Was just going to start week 5 to! I didnt run but when i felt better i repeated two runs of week 4, going out later to do week 5 run 2. So dont give up everybody has bad weeks. When you feel better you will be itching to get out.

Good Luck


Thanks everyone you're so encouraging, I'm going to plan a new route to hopefully make me motivated to go out when I'm well, thanks ally x


All that said... and I agree about not pushing to do the run... a bit of fresh air does no harm. Why not walk your usual route fairly briskly? It'll keep your fitness levels up and probably help clear the cold too.



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