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week 4 run 3 at last ! who invented hills

Finally managed to get time off work today to do my third run of week 4, it has been 3 days since my last run, and the same thing that happened on run 2 happened, but this time on a different hill a smaller hill in fact.

I couldnt complete the first 3 minute run, my legs turned to jelly, i kept falling forward, i tried so so hard to keep going for that last minute but i crumbled, could barely walk it. So same as last time i kept walking until i got back up to walking pace, i paused the podcast giving myself some extra time before i continued and all was fine, very strange.

The 5 minute runs were actually easy, never thought id use that word with running. I wasnt screaming out for laura to say stop, i even done an extra minute on top of my last 5 minute run, (just because i messed up my first run,) and wasnt struggling at all, i could have went longer. No stiches this time, thanks to the tips on drinking water before i go and my breathing exercises. Very enjoyable.

Endomondo cut out again missing a bit of my circuit so it only read that i had ran 2.25 km by the time i got home. I tried using the draw a route on endomondo and my distance actually came to 4.70 km Must try get something else more accurate.

roll on week 5 !!

On holiday too as of now, so no excuses for missing any runs.

So looking forward to running by the sea side.... that fresh north sea air. Yah ! :-) Happy days :-)

Happy running peeps !

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Running by the sea sounds wonderful. Used to live near North Sea as a child and still miss it. Enjoy!


You're right about those hills! Keep persevering and you'll find that you will soon get used to them. Enjoy your runs by the sea - sounds lovely.


Well done! I finished week 4 this morning and am kind of dreading week 5. Need to keep at it! C


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