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Laura's words on my music!

Have been messing around with Audacity recently and I was trying to lift Lauras phrases out of the c25K podcasts and put them over my own music..... so I can have the lovely Laura saying things like "you can do this"... "three two one".... "Well done" ... "You're doing really well - Just one minute left" .... just as my favorite music fades in ....

This was I could do my own b210k podcast just by extending the music between the talking & still keep Laura's encouragement with me. But I guess I need to get correct BPM music so that there's a consistent pace.

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Did you manage to separate Laura's voice track from the music? I tried to do this with Audacity but didn't have any luck.... If you did manage could you tell us how please? :-)


Because it's an MP3 I can't separate the voice from the music, but what I have found is that if I lay the voice to start at the same time as my track, but fade the music in so they both play together - you can hear Laura and but my you can hear more of my music than the original.... not brilliant, but gets the right effect.

obviously works best when the back ground music on Laura is pretty quiet to start with.

Other than that just mixing and fading and trial and error....


Thanks :-)


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