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W4R1 .... I ran for half of a 5k

wow - a bit of a stepped change from W3 upto W4, but I was determined to push through this one to see what I can do. And I did it with a huge whoop, cheers and a high-5 for my shadow.

I was so delighted when Laura said I had run for a massive 16 minutes in total.

So onto the numbers. I covered 3.57k in 28:34 ... knock off the 0.5k for warm up and 0.5k for the walking bits - means I covered 2.57k during the 16 running minutes ...

I know that it might be way too early to be clocking my distance or time, but for me this shows that I am already half way towards being a "proper" runner and my mind that counts for a lot.

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That's great, well done you :)

Seems like you might run 5k in 30 mins soon! ;)


Not half bad! :)


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