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Been fairly quiet on here but have kept running!


I've not been on this forum for what feels like an age now. Work got in the way, as did the family but thought I'd update those of you who're interested.

I really started pushing myself and my running in March, ran 10k on a weekend and was so proud of that. The following week, I pushed and beat my previous time, and then proceeded to beat my 5k time twice in a row. I had been really pushing it and ignoring a niggle in my knee... but alas, it became too much. I decided to take a week off to rest my knee, which proceeded into two weeks (I caught a cold) and then decided that it was down to my old runners that caused my knee pains so went and got my gait checked.

After taking close to three weeks off, it took a bit of time to get back into the running spirit but I feel like I'm there again now. Set up a goal in Garmin to keep track of my km's this month, I want to run 75km which will be easy IF I stick to my plan. It's more motivation to keep me on the plan!..

My wife & I have also signed up for the local 10k race in October followed by a Half Marathon in February next year. Scared is an understatement but it's also an epic challenge, and one we'll both remember for years to come... I'm really looking forward to that one. I'm also looking to sign up to a few other races this year. There's a 5km race in August which isn't too far from me so I'll have a crack at that (it's a trail run) too.

So does anyone have any Half Marathon tips? I keep seeing 'Crosstrain' on the few plans I've come across online. What does that mean? Half hour on a cross-trainer, or half-hour on 'something else' other than running?

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Glad to hear you're getting out there still, could your knee niggle be over training, do you push it every session or do you have easy runs as well? Working too rd will get you injured, less is more sometimes :-)

Cross training can be anything none impact, cycling, swimming, palaties, yoga to build different muscles I think.

My HM traning plan (self built) involves mixing up my training, a tempo run, intervals and a long easy pace run, which I added 10% each week upto 17.5K, I'll add more nearer the time (Aug) just recently scaled back as have a couple of 10K races this month.

Good luck to you both

mrqwestGraduate in reply to Hidden

Thanks Phil. I think the knee niggle was a bit of over training. It seemed every leisurely 5k I went out for turned into a race but I was having easy runs at the weekend (although they turned out to be fast-paced 'lets beat that PB' runs too). I also think it was down to knackered trainers. I'd had them for a year and done 4-500kms in them. They were cheapo £30 nike runners to start with.

Sorely tempted to get a bike soon to help with diff muscles. I'm not a swimmer, or a yoga fan.

I do have a 'rough' plan for my running. Intervals on a Tuesday, fast 5k on a Friday and a long run on Sundays.. if I'm feeling upto it, I do try and fit a leisurely 5k in on a Wednesday too. That should help towards the HM. I've got 9 months to practice ;)

Enjoy your upcoming 10Ks

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