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Miss Violet, something unexpected and the creature from the black lagoon

Miss Violet, something unexpected and the creature from the black lagoon

So second week in my new job done.

I ran twice to catch the tram this week, first tram sprint was rather impressive involving parking the car in the first empty space and hoping I would find it later as it wasn't the normal area of the car park I park (I'm sure I'm not the only one that tried for the same space every morning) and managing to get my magic swipe card out of my bag and swipe the validator on my way past before hoping on the tram, phew. The second tram sprint wasn't as impressive but I did have to run to the second magic swipe card validator as the first was broken made it just in time.

Also braved sports direct and eventually found the running section - aaaaaaallll the way up a mountain of stairs, I guess they figure that if you are actually into sports the stairs shouldn't be a problem, so yeah all the proper sports stuff kept far away from the fashion trash :D tried on a running jacket and it fitted :D didn't buy it as it was black with a flash of pink and I really want hi-vis but then I'm also not sure I want one, I get hot and wonder if long sleeves with base layer would be enough. Almost got some nice Nike capris that matched Miss Violet but again didn't buy. One I have a Nike outlet store not too far away so greater choice and two I am thinking I really should wait now and see what I will need for winter.

So highlight of the week was ordering Miss Violet - garmin forerunner 10 and then the waiting for the courier to arrive (I have amazon prime so it's not like I had to wait long, but the poor delivery guy didn't actually get to me until 8.30pm so too late to play).

Watch set up and I wore it to work on Friday, one I needed a watch anyway and two it's rather big so I wanted to get used to wearing it. Thankfully it is comfortable, only I know I am not super dainty, but my wrists aren't massive and I felt the strap could really do with being longer. It fits fine though.

Friday evening and I can't wait any longer I have to take Miss Violet out for a test run. Aim was for around 3k. First thing I did was find auto pause and turn it on cause of dog related stopping.

So off Ferd and me went. Now after reading reviews that said it takes ages to find satellites on the first use I pressed the button while doing my warm up walk, I was surprised and impressed that it found them almost instantly.

Get to the starting point and off we go. Cyclists move to one side and get asked what type of breed Ferd is and told he was gorgeous :) off we go again. Ferd dives into the disused canal and emerges like a bog dog *sigh*. Going well. Look at watch, it's easy to read whilst running. Oooh look I'm running much faster than I think I do. Get round to the canal and clean Ferd off a bit by letting him chase ducks. On we go, ooh cyclist, move over to let them pass and they skid to a halt and say 'fancy meeting you here' erm who are you I think, brain switches back on and OMG it's only my eldest brother, despite the fact he lives in Dronfield we rarely see each other, he'd missed the train home from Nottingham Station so had decided his best bet would be to catch a different one from Langley Mill.

Anyway after chatting for a bit I'd totally lost my mojo and it was getting late so I decided to cut my run really short. Used short cut field omg omg horses, er it's ok they are munching just ingnore them. Made it through and Splosh. Ferd emerges from the disused canal looking even more disgusting than in the picture. Fine. Brave field with horses again to get back to the main canal to chuck him back in to clean off a bit and this is where disaster happens cause he became the naughtiest dog in the whole wide world and totally ingnore me swimming, running along the bank on the other side, chasing coots, chasing moorhens, yapping, yipping, barking, swimming. Totally ignoring me. Finally he came back after I'd used really really angry voice, and he knew he'd been naughty.

Finially got home and I just was no longer hungry and it was too late to cook anything so supernoodles won cause I have to eat to take my metformin tablet, I then promptly forgot to take it :(

Late shower for the dog and I finally crawl into bed.


Wake up, oh darn it's too late to get to parkrun.

I felt really rought but magic earl grey tea sorted that and after a while I ready for run 2 with Miss Violet. Decided on a 5k today as I've not been doing much running recently. Off we went. I love my garmin :D no PB today :( but as I was out later than normal there was lots of walkin past fishermen and dog walkers so actually pretty pleased with my time, and I really do run faster than I think I do :) no surprises today.

Next week my aim is to start introducing after work runs and consolidate 5k as it's been a while since I've been running regularly and then I will start the build up again to 10k, I had got up to 5 miles with run walk, there are some events in November that I am thinking of entering, though one of them I might do the 5k rather than the 10k but gotta look at dates and pennies - I want some bling :D

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Brilliant post. Images of you yelling and Ferd having a merry old time with the ducks. Our lad stays on the lead when I'm running as He would find much more interesting things than me to investigate!


He is mostly on lead when I am by the canal but there are sections I let him swim cause he does love it so much.


He he, great post and great run. Naughty doggie!


Thank you


Hey Spoonie, fab , fab post and good to hear youre back in the groove, and so is Ferd by the look of it , He does love his swimming doesn't he ? Oh his lovely hairdo has gone very flat :-)

Glad the jobs going okay, you must love it to be running to get there, I normally run away from mine ;-)

Everything seems to be on the up for you, AND you have got a Miss Violet Garmin - I am so pleased for you , cos I know you have had such crap times .

Onwards and upwards Spoons ! :-) xxx


Thank you. Yes Ferd does love swimming, he even tries to drag me in.

Lol I'm only running for the tram, not proper running, I don't mind so much if I miss the one in the morning but well if I miss the one at home time :'(


He was in full cycling kit and dark glasses and well it was so unexpected to see him, last time I saw him was new year looking you know clean and like a muggle :D

Can really tell I've not done much running lately so stiff, will need to add swimming back in soon.


Great post Spoonie. Sounds like you're well and truly back in the running groove! I'm impressed by your will power in the face of a nearby SD!


Thank you. I've been doing lots of fantasy shopping though. Think I will save and have a fun splurge all in one go, the Nike outlet shop is calling my name.


I am so pleased everything seems to be going well for you at the moment. Fantasy shopping is SO much fun and totally guilt free. I have put that Garmin in my virtual shopping basket but still prevaricating .....


I guess it's not going to be long until these zombies start chasing you again!

Well done to both of you.

Incidently, what would Ferd do if he caught a coot?


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