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Stepping stone oh er

Hello everybody just popped in to say hello introduce myself and continue my blogs lol. Oh no I hear you cry :)D Well after having an extended break due to a bit of lack of motivation I am back on my journey to 5k. Today I did the first of the steeping stone podcasts and was pleasantly surprised, not only was it doable but enjoyable. Was just wondering what are the rest of you doing those of you that it who are still not running the full 5k.

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I'm still not doing 5km yet, but I have started the stepping stones to try and get a bit faster. I also started it today, it went well but I was really tired after the 160bpm. I am a slow and steady runner usually so this was much quicker. My plan is to try and do the full 30 mins in 160bpm then do something with the distance ;)

Keep going.... :-D


Hi Maisie, I've been using the 5k+ podcasts since graduating in November. My fastest 5k so far has been 31 min but haven't done that for a while! I'm quite happy running 2 or 3 times a week using the 3 different podcasts along with cycling, walking, Curves and tennis. I'm not bothered about taking my running any further at the moment - I think 5-6k is my distance and not sure I can go much faster. So you could say I'm just ticking over! :) Best wishes for your running.


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