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Try these 10 minute exercise bolt-ons

These 10 minute workouts are easy to fit into your day and will complement your running nicely:

10-minute firm butt workout

10-minute abs workout

10-minute bingo wings blaster

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Is there a post-run stretching podcast or video? If not could we have one please?? I for one would really value something I could have on my phone that reminds me how to stretch properly & walks me through it...



Article:How to stretch after a run:


Podcast: Strength and Flex


These look great Ed. I already do S&F but I was looking for something to do with my arms and tummy muscles.....thanks :)


Ooh, thanks.

This post is perfectly timed, I've been meaning to have a look for something like this. I'll have a go at all 3 tomorrow


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