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What after Graduation?

I know this is the most common question after Graduation. I want to continue to improve my endurance levels riding on the high!

How is the experience of others who have started with Couchto5k+ podcasts? How long is that? The biggest problem I have with it, is that I have got so used to running to my own music in the past 3 weeks that I hate going back to Laura's music! The second problem is that I continue to have the hip pains and some upper back pains after the run. I got suggestions earlier that some core strengthening is in order.

I am fairly comfortable running 30 mins, though I still take 31-32 mins to complete even 4k, well 5k seems far off. I also have the hip pain bothering me. Should I start off with some core strengthening (Strength and Flex?) and alternate between Couchto5K+ and Stregth and Flex on alternate days?

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After graduating, I've structured my own program of running for 30 minutes on day 1, doing the Stepping Stones podcast (slooowly working my way up, it's fast for me!) on day 2, and running for 35-45 minutes on day 3. It's working out pretty well because it's something different every day. Next month, I hope to try out another C25k+ podcast on day 2, though I'm not sure if I'm ready for that yet.

I definitely recommend the Strength and Flex programme for overall strength and I think it also helps with knees and quads. I've fallen out of doing my alternate days, S&F routine and I can tell the difference in how my knees and back feel so I'm hoping to get started again.

Sounds like we're both at around the same speed, so I'd say try out Stepping Stones but don't feel bad if you can't keep up the first time around. Every time I go back to it, I'm able to keep up with the beats a little better. If you hate the music, there are some programs you can find on google that will identify the bpms in your own music. Stepping Stone is just 150bpm for 10 minutes, 155bpm for 15 minutes, and 160bpm for 5 minutes plus warm up and cool down.

Hope to see you on the S&F boards soon!


By the way, did I see on another part of the forum that you're in South India too? What a small world! I think there's a reason no one else runs around here, and it's that we'd keel over from heat exhaustion...but we can't give up now!


Interesting to note that you are in South India too. Yes, we cannot give up now! I hope that after running in this weather, anything at lower temperatures will feel like a breeze...

BTW, I am born in South India and grew up here, so I am fairly well prepared for running in this weather. I presume you were born in someplace with a more temperate climate - Hats off to you for running in this weather. Bow, bow!!


Yes, I'm more used to snow than this kind of heat! Since I've mostly acclimated running here for several months, I have no excuse when I'm home next summer and it's not nearly as hot. Good luck to you too!


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