Run 3 week 3

Well, did my run this morning. Was a strange one today because I was out on all my route markers!

It might have been when I was overtaken by a very fast, lean runner, I was so impressed by her running that I must have sped up without realising!

Apart from that it was a good run. I love being out in the morning and seeing the sun rise and although my knee was aching a little Laura always manages to say something encouraging just when I need it.

Hoping that this blogging lark keeps me motivated!

4 Replies

  • Well done! I know what you mean about being out in the morning, thought I'm not sure about seeing the sun rise - you must have been very early :) Good luck with Week 4 - let us know how you get on.

  • Thanks! Am over the other side of the world in New Zealand so we are just coming into winter, sun up is about 6.40 so not too early!

  • The delight of running and that feeling of brand new day is fabulous. I love it that now the sun is at last out everyone's posts are more cheery and optimistic.

    Good luck for week 4-doesn't time run away with you when your enjoying yourself. I am currently enjoying the dubious pleasure of week 5.

  • Good luck for your week 4 run 1. :-) you never know one day it might be us passing the newbies, impressing them :-)

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