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Week 2 run 2 and I have to admit it nearly killed me, my legs felt like lead after the first 90 seconds and I began to dread Laura's voice!

Couldn't seem to get my pace or breathing right either, my little running tool tells me I'm doing on average 16 min per mile is this too slow?

I hope the next run doesn't hurt this much or leave me looking quite so red ??

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Keep it steady, we all have off days, rest and read the blogs. Speed is not what matters at the moment, right now just focus on breathing, running steadily and relaxing as much as you can whilst running.

Not many of us run fast, we just run steady, you will get there and well done for getting to this point. :-) :-)


I think I was just worried that the jogging might be hurting because my brisk walking is more like a stroll ha, but I guess they will get faster as I get further along too ??


I struggled with W2R2 as well, but run 3 was my best yet! Good luck!


Yes there are things that get easier. Watching your pace so you can finish runs. The time to recover gets quicker -so you will walk faster. So keep at it and don't worry about speed.

Good luck with your next run.x


If it makes you feel any better, I take 19 mins/mile and I am at W3R1


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