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How far????

So following on from last Saturday's disappointing 7.8k (disappointing as I thought it was just over 8 and it was just under), Sunday had a quick 5k (I don't know why I call it quick, I seem to run at the same pace regardless) and Tuesday saw a short treadmill session before work. So first decent length run since then was this morning. Just back, so how far did I go?

I just kept turning randomly left and right until I got to the top of the hill, headed into my 5k route (but not done the long hill at the beginning of it), turned onto the track which leads me along to the bunny field and then the footpath along behind Tesco. Should I go all the way to the end or only halfway (which is the turn around point on a different 5k route)? I went all the way to the end.

Now last Saturday it was really strange that at about 4k or so I turned and went along a footpath which was taking me AWAY from home, a very strange sensation for my inner compass. Today it wasn't quite as strange that at 6k I was still running away from home, not sure why. Anyhow......

So the Garmin beeped 8k as I came back along the road past Tesco (quick pause jogging on the spot coz those blinking cars don't know that they're not allowed to drive along roads I want to cross while I'm running, especially if they have the traffic light in their favour!). So where do i go from here? First exit home, that's the medium length one. Second exit home, that's the short one. Or do I take the third exit home, the longest route (of the 3, I can make it a bit longer if I need to)? Well exit 3 will take me past school then home on the route BabyBeads will be taking to school. I'll pass her, be able to say hello, have a good day, I've done 5 miles etc.... Well, yes, it had to be exit 3.

So final distance: Garmin says 10.14k, Map my Run says 9.87k

Total time: 64 minutes 50 seconds!

Am I disappointed that MMR says just under the 10k? Nope! Not at all. I can have another go at 10k next time, this time was about beating 8k! And yes I'm accepting the MMR distance rather than the Garmin distance as Garmin told me it had 'weak GPS signal' a few times and also told me I had done a mile in 7 minutes and while that's nowhere near the world record it's a whole lot faster than I run!

Happy running everybody!

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Well done, beads. Getting to 10K (or near-enough-as-makes-no-odds) is a great feeling, isn't it!


Yes, quite a triumphant feeling!


Brilliant running choices there, Beads. :)


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