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Just 5K tonight, but a new best time :-)


Well, determined to keep the 10K training going, I went out after work tonight.

However, I decided to be fairly sensible, given that my legs were still aching a bit from Monday (and Saturday, and Thursday...), and all of me was dog tired after a busy day at work. So I thought that rather than pushing for another 9K, I'd just do 5K and see if I could beat my best time of just a smidge under 35 minutes.

It was warmer than I like, too, but off I went. And I'm happy to say I made it, with over a minute to spare on my previous best. :-)

When I got home, I said to Slideman that I was actually feeling OK, and felt almost as if I could do the whole thing again. He pointed out that that'sno bad thing, as in 11 days I'll be doing just that. Ah, yes... Good point!! :-) I must have been right about beig tired...!!

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Sounds like a very sensible decision to stick to 5k - well done on the time! Stay steady, and don't overdo it, and you'll have a great 10k race. :)

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