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Great long weekend and 5x50 update :)

Well it's been a few days since I posted as been away for 5 days :) I've now got my shiny green badge....very happy.

Went to the coast camping with our new caravan...very nice. I had an opportunity to run in a wood. It was fantastic.....being a city girl I have to pound the concrete so this was lovely. On Friday I did a run on a mountain bike trail so it was up and down and through sand trails (hard work) but it was so good. I wasn't thinking about time only distance...5km.

On Monday I choose a running trail that was 4.2km and then to the campsite it was another 1.3km. Had everything worked out all prepared..set off...having great fun :) and then realised that I had missed an arrow. I had to then continue on the concrete road and ended up running 8.4km :( I was exhausted, but also pretty pleased. It wasn't fast at all but it was running for the whole distance :)

Today I had better luck and found the right was also a great run. It is so different to run through sand dunes..up and down.. and to be on a trail. It takes me longer but it so enjoyable. Now it's back to reality and concrete, but I am now training to do my first 5km fun run on 10/05.

On the other days I have been walking and doing the S&F W2. I am also enjoying this. It is so strange to be enjoying exercise, but I really can't go without doing something :) Hope you are all having fun still and keep going it's nearly at the end :-D

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Lovely badge! :D 8.4km!!! :O Wow!

It's so good reading all the blogs about how much people have changed their lives in such a short space of time. :) Who'd have thought we had sportiness inside?


Wow I'm so impressed you are doing so well.. Where are you camping it sounds amazing? I was driving all around north Devon today ( my patch for work) and thinking there must be so many beautiful runs I could do. I must investigate. Sounds like you had so much fun... Good luck on the run, julia


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