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doing the first one last night & a little nervous about running for twice as long as I had last week - but then when Laura cut in half way through to tell me that there was 90 seconds left to run and gave the tip about keeping your head level to stop you from bouncing. it felt much better - or at least less daunting.

Then around comes the 2nd 3 minute run It was more kind of a run-quickwalk-stroll-stagger so I think I might need to think about proper pace.

Although what did impress me was, with the sun on my back and looking down at my shadow, the bits where I was "running" I could almost half convince myself that I could be a runner .... now there is a scary thought!

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I just love the 'walking next to the hedge' bouncing/walking advice. I think that is the best thing so far that Laura has passed on and I remind myself of it every run. Slow and steady, speed will come much later when we are well established runners - which we will be one day soon!!!


Well done. Am only on W1 so interesting to hear your thoughts on W3. Keep it going!


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