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Enjoying the program but got a had a few setbacks last week and the start of this week

Love the pod casts and really enjoying the runs. Before this course I hated running and would not even attempt it.

Its hard to believe at the start i ran for a couple of minutes and was out of breath.

Now I finished week 5 last week and felt fine and kept running for a good couple of minutes after.

Wanted to do week 6 run 3 at the weekend but we just moved house and so busy that i was decorating all weekend.

Then woke up yesterday and today with a stinking cold and don't have any energy at all.

I think i will suffer it tomorrow and go out and complete week 6, then move straight on to week 7.

I know im nearly there and it feels like im so close to running for 30 minutes I just want to get there.

I have recommend the plan to loads of people and my fiancée who also hates running is going to start this week.

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Well done timmarsh, it's surprising how fast one can build on their fitness with the podcasts. Take time to recover before you go out running :)


That's so good to hear! Hope you recover from the move and the cold - take it easy, and you will be a graduate sooner than you know it :)


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