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Week 3 finished! How did that happen?

Just had tea after getting back from week 3 day 3! Can't believe we're a third of the way through! So excited to have got this far. I can run for 3 mins! Not possible!. Ok I'm slow, my stride is much shorter than my walking stride , my nose runs etc, but I (we) did it! We keep trying different paths trough the comyn too to make it interesting , trying to avoid gates at the running parts (how does one run through gates?)

Actually looking forward (though with dread) to wk 4!

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Re gates - have you trying gate-vaulting at speed? Then again, maybe not. ;)

Actually I find gates a pain if I'm running, because then I have to start again, and it's the starting that seems hardest!


Agree on the gate thing! I tried a different field route around here a while back, and it was all lovely except for the stile that I'd forgotten about... I noticed the other day while walking that the wire has gone from next to it, so there might just be space to run past now - I'll have to check it out! ;)

Don't worry about your stride length for now - at this stage it's all about building up your stamina. :) (I had an uphill section in my run on Saturday morning, and managed to keep going although I had the shortest stride length imaginable. My pace for that section was about 2 mins/mile slower than my normal walking speed, even though I didn't stop running!)


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