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W9/R2 phone app vs iPod app


Well graduation is in sight, only one run to go :)

But back to my heading, I have for the past 12 weeks been using my phone which is great at mapping my run and giving me all the stats but the encouraging voice of Laura is definitely lacking for instance my last run consisted of warm up, run, half way, cool down and complete, having read so many of your blogs about how Laura's words of wisdom have helped you complete the more difficalt runs I decided I had to find out what I was missing, so this morning I pinched my sons iPod for the day downloaded the week 9 podcast and set off, what a difference, the pep talks, markers along the way, when to speed up and slow down, music choice it was all great cant believe the difference between the two. But now I am in a quandry I prefere the iPod for the detail but the phone for the information so which do I use in the future?

Does anyone use the app on another device which does everything?

And please NHS can you not make the phone app more like the iPod app I could really have done with Laura's words of support especially during the earlier runs, feel slightly disappointed that I have only now realised that I have missed out on so much from the app by not using the iPod, think I may have to go treat myself to one.

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I have exactly the same one on both - downloaded through iTunes and then added to each device. Used different app to log distance but that can be set first then press play.


I have a Nokia windows phone, so I downloaded the android app, am I mistaken in thinking you have an iPhone?


It's a shame the podcast isn't the same for apple & other devices, its not something that occurred to me before. Laura's guidance is what has helped me keep going, the markers especially. Perhaps there is an mp3 version somewhere? I use the iPhone version which will be the same as the iPod.


Hmm, what app is this? I downloaded the mp3s of Laura's podcasts from the website and play them through my phone and use Runkeeper on the phone for the data (having switched off all the runKeeper notifications so it doesn't talk over Laura).

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