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Morning sunday runners - week 4 done and dusted

Lots of you out today running - fantastic to know how everyone is getting on. I was a bit later than you 7 00 runners - but I was jolly pleased to be out and about. I am not pretending is was easy - but it did feel doable. So week 4 completed and starting week 5 tues. I think it will be ok - but really will I be running for 20 mins by next sun?? Can't quite get my head around that. To be honest I think I only keep going because Laura counts me in and tells me when to stop - lets hope the same is true for week 5

My body is protesting at the activity, but I will persevere - as I know the long term benefits are good for me.

Happy running everyone

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Just remember to take your time and pace yourself, you should be fine. My next run is run 3, I'm taking a couple of days to rest my leg first though. It's surprising how easy the 5 & 8 minute runs are, it's a well thought out plan.


Good luck for Week 5 - you'll be fine! Trust the programme and take it nice and steady. You can always speed up later :)


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