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RunBlamoral. First 5k race done!

Did it! RunBalmoral 5k felt like a plod at times more than a run but completed it. We were there quite early so standing on the cold for a couple of hours which probably didn't help. Just as I was about to take off my extra layers there was a flurry of snow and I was wondering what I'd let myself in for. Had to walk a couple of times but not for long. Started quite far back so had to negotiate past the walkers and runners who were even slower than me (that felt good actually). Took the time to look around and enjoy the scenery occasionally and there were kids standing with their hands out to high five us as we passed at some points which was nice.

Don't have my official time yet but according to my watch I was between 35 and 36 minutes so not great but not bad for a first attempt.

Have defrosted with a nice meal and wine in a local restaurant and now relaxing. Hope the others there today enjoyed I too.

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Lovely blog, glad you got through the cold wait, and a great time too! :-)


Well done rosn! I feel for you standing around in the cold in the morning. As we drovr over rhe Lecht there was fresh snow on the road and the thermometer was showing 2C! It felt sorry the children running in the early races. But it was great to see so many families there.

The spectators - especially the high-fiving children- were brilliant, weren't they! I'm pleased you enjoyed this, your first race. I'm a wee bit miffed to read on Facebook after the event that i missed the marquee selling stovies and stickt toffee pudding! That would have gone down a treat!


A great achievement - well done :) It must have felt great to pass other runners, but I don't fancy the temperatures and the snow! A good time as well :)


Got my official time and it was actually 34:12. Happy with that.


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