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Week 5 run 3

Hi Just discovered this site, been interesting reading everyone's blogs.

I have just completed the 20 minute run, felt like giving up at various stages especially when Laura said I'd done 5 minutes when i felt like 10 mins to me! But I plodded on all be it quite slow, but there were a few uphills. I worked out I covered just under 3k in 20 minutes which I thought was really slow, hopefully I will speed up.

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Congratulations on getting up to and through 'that' run on your own - I needed the support on here to get me that far!

And - that's not slow! A while ago there was a thread about how far people ran in week 9, and about twenty people replied. Only one or two ran 5k, average was about 4k, and quite a few of us (me included) ran about 3k or a bit less in the 30 minutes.

Hope that cheers you up! Especially if you had hills in there - I avoided them if at all possible until after graduation. :)


Thanks for the encouragement greenlegs, I was quite dreading this run and amazed that I actually managed it. I like to run round a park as its a little quieter than the path and no roads to cross. The hills were only little but they did feel like mountains. I see the next two runs should be a little easier.


Welcome to the site - it sounds like you're doing really well. Keep blogging now you've discovered us, and let us know you you get on so we can cheer you on! all the best with your next runs :)


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