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W4R3 - First time I've felt any 'pain'

Work commitments meant that I had two days off between W4R2 and W4R3 - not that I think that's got anything to do with it.

Yesterday (Thursday) early evening I set off for my run. I do a 5k circuit following the C25K podcast for the first part and then just striding to music for the rest (a longer cool down if you like).

I've not experienced any real discomfort, other than laboured breathing, until now. Then yesterday, firstly my shins began to feel sore, which passed by the third walk phase. Then my calf muscles on my left leg were twinging on the final run (the second 5 mins).

I also noticed that I stumbled once during the second run. This is why I stopped jogging nearly ten years ago - the Dr (junior - recently started as a GP - even had to look up the nerve in his anatomy book) reckoned I'd got a trapped nerve in my lower back - as I'd tumbled over twice during jogs when there was no sensation in my left leg.

I really think the medical opinion was a bit OTT and wish I'd not given up jogging then, which is certainly one reason why I've added three stone since.

It could have just been one of those things, but it's an extra layer of trepidation for my next run (W5R1) on Saturday.

Hey ho!



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Wish I could give you some expert advice, but can't. Try not to overstride when running and do some back stretching exercises on your rest days? ;-)

The accepted wisdom seems to be rest/ice/stretch immediately after exertion and a trip to your GP if any pain persists for more than a few days. Though in your case I can understand your trepidation... am currently on a doctor's running ban myself (though I sneaked a run in yesterday, hee hee... not setting a good example, am I?).


Hmmm... it might be an idea to go and see a sports physio, perhaps, if it doesn't go away? Certainly it wouldn't be good to keep running if it hurts. Have you had your gait checked? The right shoes really make a difference. I hope it's just a temporary blip and you recover before your next run.


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