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W5R1the puffing beetroot strikes back

I looked up a route on mapmyrun that ran pretty close to mine, and used that with some alterations. It was nice to go somewhere new, and explore and I found my way no problem. The first 5 minutes were tricky but doable, halfway through the second 5 minutes I met a big hill and that was really hard! I managed to gasp out a "Thankyou" to the lollipop lady who moved for the dogs & I to pass, but only barely.

I was really gasping in air for quite some time after, but did manage to get my breath back before the final 5 minutes. That was really hard because I was tired from the hill, but I did it! I felt like my head was going to explode, and my face was on fire though :). I may reverse the route next time so I can run downhill.

There was a faint drizzle so that was very nice.

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It's funny how you appreciate weather differently as a runner!

If you can't avoid hills, and are finding them tough, the best way to deal with them is to shorten your step length - you go slower, but you can then keep putting in a similar effort level, instead of feeling as though you might explode! Or, as you say, just run the opposite way!


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