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C25K and Type 2 Diabetes

Hello all, new to this, not even started walking yet but i want to get as much information as i can to make sure i start off right. I am Type 2 diabetic currently controlled by medication and diet. Are there any out there the same as me who can offer advice and tips on making sure the exercise i do wont impact on my BG levels too much?

I am following (or trying to follow!) a low carb diet.

Cheers muchly :)

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Hi, I am type 2 also controlled by meds and diet. I try to eat a sensible well balanced diet including carbs. I stay away from junk and high sugary foods but do indulge every now and again when needed! I managed to loose 3 stone eating this way but plateaued hence starting this programme. I haven't changed my eating habits and seem to be doing ok. No weight loss as of yet but definate shape change. Speak to your GP or diabetic nurse first if you are worried.


Hi I too am type 2. I started on the 5:2 diet last June and did some in house aerobics and by January this year had lost 3.5 stones. My GP and nurse are thrilled with me! My Hba1c results are now better off nmeds than they were when I took the diabetes tablets. I'm diet controlled now and enjoying C25K so much. Enjoy the program you'll feel so much better :-)


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